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Discover a cutting-edge videogames assessment platform that helps companies recruiting and train unique professionals.

Improve recruitment and training and enhance people potential thanks to an innovative approach that combines adventure games and psychometrics.

Why choose us?

Identifying the most suitable person for a specific business context, as well as training soft skills and values, can be a truly challenging task that requires additional tools. Our assessment game have been specifically designed to meet the needs of HR functions and can help with:

Mass candidate screening when recruiting junior figures or handling a large volume of applications.

Candidates soft skill assessmentin the final stage of a selection process.

Training needs analysis to determine what kind of training is needed.

Potential enhancement process within an assessment system to improve career pathing, succession planning, etc.

DE&I metric tracking to build your employees’ awareness, reduce unconscious bias and foster inclusive leadership.

icona stilizzata di un joystick per videogame assessment

Our videogames

Tap into an innovative approach combining adventure gaming and psychometrics and access a valid tool to improve your processes of selection, training, cultural analysis and potential enhancement.

Best for companies looking to start a path of awareness and a training on diversity and inclusion. 

Best for companies looking to  analyze candidates’ transversal or soft skills in the recruitment process or identify areas for improvement needed to implement them into training.

Our strengths


Our video game takes about 20 minutes. A traditional assessment would take 6 hours.


Our assessment games are immediate and automated. The assessment report is clear and accessible to everyone.


Our report, as well as th KPIs provided, are fully customizable to the competency system used by the client.


The system is based on solid psychometric constructs that guarantee reliability and productivity. We partner with several italian universities to test our video games and data.

Scientific bases

Get insight into how people deal with certain situations and uncover their real attitudes, behaviors and attitudes thanks to a simulated context and an immersive story.

Reproduce dynamics similar to those at work and boost your degree of predictive analysis, both in terms of behaviors and skills. Each measured dimension refers to solid and consolidated psychometric and scientific constructs, transferred to the game dynamics and analyzed through specific algorithms. This allows the platform to translate the behaviors demonstrated by the player during the game into attitudes and skills.

The Game2Value scientific team developed its methodology in collaboration with the University of Bologna and launched thesis projects together with the Catholic University of Milan. Game2Value was also selected as a case study in the area of innovative solutions for recruitment and training by the Digital Innovation Observatories of Politecnico di Milano. We validate and publish the scientific part of our video games together with the CIMEO Center of the Sapienza University of Rome.


Meet your company’s needs with our fully customizable reports. Clear and easy-to-navigate, the delivered reports do not require technical support and can be implemented straightaway. During the setup phase, you can translate the skills system of your company into our algorithm and customize the post-bet report. Ensure a scientific approach with our regularly updated reference standards and the predictive validity of our tools, ascertained by numerous Italian universities.

Go to the game section to explore the reports of our assessment games!

Journey on Includivium Report           Event Horizon Report

It is in playing and only in playing that the individual, child or adult, is able to be creative and to make use of the whole personality.

Donald Woods Winnicott

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